Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed in as little as 16 weeks with the correct lifestyle therapy.

Type 2 Diabetes is Treatable

RediCare ControlDTx helps people bring their Type 2 Diabetes under control quickly. In as little as 16 weeks you can see very significant HbA1c reductions of 13-15% which can bring many people with Type 2 Diabetes into remission, enabling reductions or elimination of medications.


Why RediCare ControlDTx

RediCare ControlDTx provides all participants individualised nutritional therapy and advice to optimise treatment. All users are provided with all the education, tools, 1 to 1 support & resources they need to achieve Type 2 Diabetes remission through lifestyle therapy.

Nutritional Therapy

Individualised nutritional therapy and advice to optimise treatment and reverse insulin.

Education Learning

Online video education to help you understand the condition, its root cause, and how it can be treated quickly with lifestyle therapy.

Dedicated Health Coach

Regular 1-to-1 consultations with your health coach to guide you through your treatment journey.

Regular Monitoring

Regular monitoring of health biometrics including weight and blood glucose levels (optional).

Consistent Clinical Results

T2D Normalised HbA1c










Blood Pressure


BMI(-6.08%), Total Cholesterol(-5.0%), HDL(8.62%), Cholesterol Ratio(-11.50%), Diastolic Blood Pressure(-6.92%)

Award Winning

RediCare has presented its clinical results in 7 Medical Meetings and won a Paul Dudley International Scholar Award from Ireland from the American Heart Association at the Scientific Sessions 2020 for its work and clinical outcomes in Primary Care in Ireland.

It is all online, there's no need to visit a clinic. You can treat yourself while on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

We align with first-line therapies recommended by the American Diabetes Association and individualise treatment for each person.


Who We Are

RediCareControlDTx is a digital therapeutics service that provides online prevention and treatment for for chronic illness such as

Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes

High Blood Pressure


Obesity & Overweight conditions


RediCare partners with primary care doctors, pharmacists and provides services over 150 corporate clients.

Free 1-to-1 Consultation

Book a free 15-minute consultation with a RediCare professional to discuss the programme in more detail to see if it is suitable for you.

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RediCare ControlDTx Type 2 Diabetes programme is 16 weeks in duration and has 2 pricing options:

Single Payment: €499.00

Payment Plan: 3 x €185.00


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