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Marino Medical Centre - Primary Care Study 

Study Overview

The Marino Medical Centre, Bantry, Co Cork study showed how RediCare Control in an Irish Primary Care setting is effective in treating Type 2 Diabetic, Pre-Diabetic, Hypertensive, Overweight and Obese patients.

Participants were reassured that the digital therapeutic was recommended by their G.P. and that their G.P. was available to support their treatment with medication adjustments, advice, and support as needed. The study showed that the therapeutic fitted smoothly within the GP workflow. This is now further enhanced as G.P's can now refer patients to the therapeutic electronically via 'Healthlink', the national e-referral system.

The high volume of recruitment (63 participants over a 6-month period by one Doctor) suggests that patients are more likely to partake in lifestyle therapy when a referral is made by their Doctor.

This work won a Paul Dudley Award from the American Heart Association.





Patients with HbA1c > 48 mmol/mol

Prediabetic HbA1c



Patients with HbA1c 38 to 48 mmol/mol range




Patients with BMI>40




Patients with BMI>40




In Patients with HbA1c > 48 mmol/mol

Systolic Blood Pressure



Patients with Stage 1 HTN


Award Winning

This study was presented at the American Heart Association - Scientific Sessions 2020, and won a Paul Dudley International Scholar Award for our work and clinical outcomes in Primary Care.