Type 2 Diabetes Study

Study Overview

This 8-week Type 2 Diabetes Study demonstrated that type 2 diabetes can be treated effectively and at scale using digital therapeutic.

The study showed 48% of patients normalised their HbA1c while also achieving clinically significant reductions in weight, blood pressure and triglycerides.

A very interesting aspect of this study was participants tracked what they ate during the study. Analysis of the average daily dietary intake showed that fat consumption was 49.5g (37%) carbohydrate was 118.1g (39%) and protein was 68.8g (23%). This level of carbohydrate reduction was easily tolerated by participants.

This study was presented at the Euro Prevent Meeting in Lisbon 2019.





*Patients with HbA1c > 6.5%







Systolic Blood Pressure


Diastolic Blood Pressure