Metabolic Syndrome Study

Study Overview

This Metabolic Syndrome study demonstrated that metabolic syndrome can be treated in night shift workers in a corporate setting. Significant reductions in HbA1c and weight were observed.

18 night-shift staff from a large corporate took part in the RediCare programme. 16 males (89%) and 2 females (11%). The results were impressive, average weight loss was 6.9kg, waist reduction of 6.99cm, systolic blood pressure reduce by 14.46 mmHg.

There was one Type 2 Diabetic at programme start, this participant made significant health improvements and by the end of the 8-week programme was in remission with a HbA1c of under 6.5%. All employees who presented as pre-diabetic at programme start had reversed their condition at programme completion.

Employees embraced and enjoyed the programme. It was made super convenient for them to access and onboard as the programme was digitally delivered.










Systolic Blood Pressure