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RediCare Commence Type 2 Diabetes Pilot Study in UK with Homewell Practice in Havant

Havant, UK, Feb 2021 -- RediCare this month started treat patients with chronic conditions such a Type 2 Diabetes in the UK.

The study is being conducted in conjunction with the Homewell practice based in Havant. Study participants will be patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Class II Obesity, Dyslipidaemia and Severe Hypertension, Polypharmacy, Insulin Dependent on GLP1, Hypertensive and other Medications.

The study objective is to show RediCare Control is effective in this patient profile when delivery in a primary care setting in conjunction with a multi-disciplined team.

RediCare have spent the last number of months training and working with the Homewell Team. Many of the Homewell team members are now using RediCare Control.

See ITC coverage on the launch.
New programme tackling type 2 Diabetes and obesity in Havant | ITV News Meridian

About RediCare

RediCare is a digital therapeutics firm. With our core product RediCare ControlDTx patients are transforming their health across the spectrum of metabolic health. They are experiencing clinically significant reductions in Weight, HbA1c, Blood Pressure and improved Lipid profiles and PCOS remission. Many Type 2 Diabetic patients have reduced and eliminated their diabetes medications.

RediCare ControlDTx is creating a new normal in prescription digital therapeutics for treating cardiometabolic diseases. We envision a new way to treat diseases like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease by targeting the root cause, not just the effects, using prescription digital therapeutics to deliver personalized clinically validated lifestyle therapy.

RediCare partners with primary care practices in the UK and Ireland and serves over 140 corporate clients with chronic disease screening and management services.