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RediCare Control: A Comprehensive Health Program

RediCare Control is a lifestyle change programme recommended by NHS doctors, aimed at improving the health of referred patients. This program focuses not only on weight management but also on enhancing overall metabolic health and well-being.

What Patients Can Expect

Tailored Support: Patients engaged in RediCare Control benefit from personalised, one-on-one video coaching sessions. This individualised approach ensures customised guidance aligned with each patient's unique health goals.

Educational Resources: The program provides an array of resources, including meal plans, shopping lists, and informative guides. These materials empower patients to make healthier lifestyle choices without feeling restricted.

Insights from Professionals: Weekly webinars, led by experienced doctors and clinicians, offer valuable insights into lifestyle modifications, nutritional science, and practical advice to support patients throughout their health journey.

Accessible Online Platform: Our online platform, RediCare Control, ensures the highest level of health education and ongoing support, enabling patients to stay connected, monitor progress, and access a repository of educational materials and tools.

The Science Underpinning RediCare Control

The science behind RediCare Control revolves around hormone optimisation, centering on adequate protein intake and whole foods consumption. This approach prioritises regulating appetite without the requirement to count calories. By placing the emphasis on whole foods, the approach results in a diminishing of the hunger hormone ghrelin while elevating the production of GLP-1 (a fullness hormone), promoting a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Weight Loss without the need to count calories

Weight Loss through RediCare Control differs from conventional methods, steering clear of calorie counting and stringent portion control. Instead, it concentrates on optimising hormonal responses through a diet rich in whole foods and adequate protein intake. This strategy naturally regulates appetite and enables sustainable weight loss without the hassle of counting calories or intentionally reducing portion sizes. This empowers individuals to consume whole foods freely and minimises the feelings of deprivation often associated with dietary interventions.


Recommended by doctors, RediCare Control provides you with all you need to lose weight and keep it off quickly and sustainably. Through personalised coaching sessions, an abundance of educational resources, expert-led webinars, and an accessible online platform, this program revolutionises weight loss and patient care.

Empowering you with tailored guidance and a wealth of knowledge, it fosters informed choices and sustainable lifestyle modifications, ultimately leading to sustainable weight loss without needing to feel hungry, deprived or count calories.